Phineas Wolcott Cook’s grandmother Elizabeth Porter - 1758

Cook Family in America: Grandmothers

Phineas Wolcott Cook’s grandmother was Elizabeth Porter, born in Bethlehem in 1758. She was, like her husband Daniel Cook II, the fifth generation in her family in America. The first generation was Robert Porter who was in Hartford, Connecticut by 1640. He was among the early Hartford settlers who established the town of Farmington. A religious man, he was among the seven men who organized the Church of Christ in Farmington.

Four generations of Porters were in Farmington, not far from the new Hartford LDS Temple. In 1735 Nathaniel purchased land in the northwest corner of Connecticut in the town of Woodbury. His son John was in Bethlehem, which was divided from Woodbury, where Elizabeth and her siblings were born. John brought his family to Goshen where Elizabeth met Daniel Cook.