Phineas Wolcott Cook’s third great-great grandmother, Hope Parker

Phineas Wolcott Cook’s third great-grandmother, wife of Samuel Cook, was Hope Parker. She was the granddaughter of the first Parker ancestor, William, who came to America and settled in New Haven. Her father Edward was born about 1622 and came to America as a boy. The family was still in New Haven when Hope was born in 1650 and married Samuel Cook in 1667. He was the second generation in America; she was the third.

Samuel and Hope had two children in New Haven. Then when a new town was divided from New Haven, they became the first settlers in Wallingford, where eight more children were born. She died at the age of 40 at Wallingford, and her husband Samuel remarried twice. Interestingly, all her children stayed in Wallingford except Joseph, who moved to Goshen.