Many of those participating in the Cook Family Organization as officers, directors, specialists and family representatives have been involved for a fair number of years and are moving up in age. They are all doing a very good job; however, as with all organizations, there needs to be an infusion of younger persons periodically to help perpetuate the organization. It requires a period of one, two or more years for a person in one of the positions defined in the above paragraph to become reasonably proficient in the position. Presently, the greatest need is for persons to function as "directors" and "family representatives". The Organization by-laws require that there be two directors for each of the four wives' families (total - eight). The representatives are to represent the branches of the Howland Family. Because of the large number of descendants (over 11,000) it was not possible for two people to be acquainted and properly represent that many members. Therefore, the Howland Family established a sub-organization consisting of two representatives for each of the seven children who had descendants. These representatives are to report to the directors for the Howland Family. The time needed to participate is not excessive. There are 2-4 Saturday morning meetings in Salt Lake City each year. There are also occasional projects, such as the gathering of updated information for the soon to be released updated descending pedigree chart; and keeping the family organization informed of happenings in your family group for general information to be released in the newsletter. Please evaluate your time availability, consider volunteering to serve in the family organization and contact one of the present officers/directors. We need you younger family members.


There was a discussion of the Organization's finances at a meeting in March 2002. Simply put, there is never enough money to accomplish more than a minimum number of activities and projects. Mailing the biannual newsletter takes most of the accumulation of money from dues. Most of the officers, directors and family representatives regularly spend their own money to enable various activities and projects to go forward (e.g. gathering data for the soon to be distributed updated descending pedigree chart). Since no one in the organization receives compensations for services rendered, we feel that is only fair that we should be able to compensate them for postage, photocopying and approved telephone calling. There was in-put from several persons attending the March 2002 meeting about dues charged by other family organizations. The annual amounts ranged from around $25 to $50. There has not been an increase in the annual dues of $10 since our family organization was set up in 1968. There was agreement at the March 2002 meeting to increase the annual dues to $20 effective with the issuance of this biannual newsletter. We believe the increase is very reasonable, and it will enable the organization to function above the "poverty line" and be able to do a better job of running the organization for the benefit of you family members. We encourage you to support the dues increase and for more of the family members to regularly send in their annual dues. We are also restructuring the prices on the items available for sale. Because the initial cost of researching and producing these items come from membership dues, it is only fair that those who do not pay dues share in those initial costs. Therefore, the prices are being set to recover some of those initial costs. A 20% discount will then be given to those who are paying their dues. Remember, the Phineas Wolcott Cook Family Organization's purpose is to help all family members stay in touch with other family members. This has been done by issuing the biannual newsletter, provide genealogy and family research in our line and periodically updating the descending pedigree chart, all of which are beneficial to the family members and should be of interest to each of you. We are presently working on a web site to provide more timely information.