Mona is one of the oldest living grandchildren of Phineas W. Cook. She was the second of two children born to Moses Cook and Wilhelmina Lindberg. Moses Cook, the second child of Phineas W. Cook and Johanna Christina Poulson, and Wilhelmina Lindberg was the daughter of Andrew John Lindberg and Hannah Pehrson

Mona was born September 6, 1909 in Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming in a white house located across the street from the Afton City Cemetery.

When Mona was seven years old the family moved to Kemmer, Wyoming where her father built a skating rink, called Cook's Pavilion. She started school in Kemmer and also graduated from high school there. Mona loved to dance and skate as she grew up and, during her high school years she taught both dancing and skating.

It was at the Pavilion that Mona met her husband, Frederick W. Albright, Jr., who had come from New York to teach dancing. He taught dancing in Kemmerer, Rock Springs, Laramie and Cheyenne. Frederick was the son of Frederick W. Albright and Mary Stephens.

Mona and Frederick were married on December 19, 1930 in Soda Springs, Idaho and lived in Kemmer, Wyoming for a short time before moving to Ogden, Utah. Frederick took a job at Hill Air Force base as an airplane mechanic. He still continued to teach dancing part-time. Mona had a studio in Washington Terrace (South Ogden) where she taught dancing, tap, ballet and acrobatics for 35 years. Then she moved her studio to the basement of her home on 29th street in Ogden.

In 1933, when Mona's 26-year old brother, Alfonzo died in a car accident in Denver, Colorado, their father, Moses had a very large granite slab placed in the Afton City Cemetery, Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming on a burial plot purchased for all of his family. This is located just a few feet from the location where his father and mother (Phineas Wolcott and Johanna Christina Poulson Cook) are buried.

Mona's daughter, Norma B. Albright was born in October 22, 1937. She now lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico

In 1952, Mona's father retired and moved to Ogden. Mona's parents lived with her while they built a house next door to Mona where they lived the rest of their lives. Mona's father, Moses died on February 17, 1970 in Ogden, Utah and was taken to Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming for burial. Mona's mother, Wilhelmina Lindberg Cook died on 28 January 1979 in Ogden, Weber, Utah and was taken to Afton, Wyoming to be buried in the family plot in the Afton City Cemetery.

Frederick W. Albright, Jr., Mona's husband, died on January 5, 1982 in Ogden and is buried in the Washington Heights Cemetery, Ogden, Weber, Utah.

Mona has many interests, among them are traveling, crocheting and embroidery. She has traveled to Australia, Hawaii and on a Caribbean cruise. Mona met Cyril B. Stanger at a dance (and where else should they meet) and were married on September 22, 1984 in Ogden, Utah. Shortly after their marriage, they also took a Caribbean cruise. Mona had always wanted a large family. Cyril Stanger has 9 children and a large number of grandchildren and gr. grand children who have been very kind to both of them. Cyril was born July 12, 1917 to Don Carlos Stanger and Marie Wright in American Falls, Idaho.

Mona had grown up as a Presbyterian, but after marrying Cyril, she was converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and in 1986 they went on a mission to the Texas Dallas Mission.

Mona and Cyril still go to the Golden Age Center and dance a few steps.

They now live in a lovely basement apartment in the home of one of Cyril's sons in So. Weber, Utah (just south of Ogden, Utah).