We are excited to announce the completion of the updated Descending Pedigree Chart (DPC) book. This is the first time since 1969 that a complete list of the descendants of Phineas Wolcott COOK and his four wives has been available.

The book consists of 183 pages, 13,745 names and 3,845 marriages. This is what is included for three of the four families.

We regret that, although the Amanda Polly Savage Family has completed the update of their portion of the DPC, they have chosen not to let the Phineas Wolcott COOK Family Org. include their family information in this DPC book. However, they will make it available to anyone who desires to purchase it from their organization. E-Mail:

The DPC book will be organized in five sections as follows:

Section I - Introduction Pictures of Phineas and his four wives Preface A brief history of Phineas Wolcott COOK Acknowledgements Organization Roster

Section II - The Posterity of Ann Eliza Howland and Phineas Wolcott Cook Pictures of Ann Eliza and Phineas Introduction and Comments Brief History of Ann Eliza Howland Map of current locations of posterity Six Generation Ascending Pedigree for Ann Eliza and Phineas Three Generation Modified Register with pictures and statistics of Ann Eliza and Phineas, their children and grandchildren Descending Pedigree Chart - nine generations Alphabetical Index with page numbers

Section III - The Posterity of Amanda Polly Savage and Phineas Wolcott Cook Sheets submitted by Brent Hale with information on how to purchase the Savage Family section of the DPC

Section IV - The Posterity of Catherine McCleve and Phjneas Wolcott Cook Same as Section II for the Catherine McCleve Family

Section V - The Posterity of Johanna Christina Poulson and Phjneas Wolcott Cook Same as Section II for the Johanna Christina Poulson Family

The cost of the DPC book will be $45.00. Those who have paid or are paying dues with the order will receive 20% discount on all items orded, including this book. This reduces the cost of the DPC book to dues-paying members to $36.00.

WARNING! Be kind to your neighbors, you may find from this book that they are related to you!