Preface to 1980 Edition Of His Journal
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In 1961, Mrs. Maude Cook Kilburn, Mrs. Eva Covey Madsen and Joan Kilburn prepared for publication, the Phineas Wolcott Cook Diary as recorded by him in his own handwriting. This diary had been rescued and preserved by his son, Moses Cook. A limited number of this diary was printed.

In 1975, the Cook Family Organization determined that this diary should be printed again for the benefit of many descendents who had not had the opportunity of obtaining the first edition. The Board of Directors determined that a brief history should be included from the last writings of Phineas Wolcott Cook in 1857 until the time of his death on July 24, 1900 at Afton, Wyoming.

I asked the board for the privilege of gathering the material for this additional information and preparing the diary for publication. This has been a most gratifying experience. I have come to know and to love this great and wonderful ancestor. May you who read this diary find the same sweet experience in knowing your ancestors better; and may you determine to maintain your personal histories for the benefit of generations yet to come.

Our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Eva Covey Madsen, for writing most of the additional history presented. Her brief overview history of Phineas' life is presented as an introduction, to give you the desire to read more of his life. This was prepared by Eva in 1965 and submitted to the Pasadena Camp of the Los Angeles Center Company of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers.

Our thanks is also expressed to the family of Carl Cook for using excerpts from his diary.

Newel Cook McMillan Compiler