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Section 3 1839 - Spring of 1843  

This was in 1839 By this time I was tolerable smart and father wanted me to come home again and help him on the farm I told him that if I did it would not be long before he would want me to leave again, but he assured me to the contrary so I concluded to do it about this time father was taken sick with the ague which laid him up for some time and all the work fell on me and it made it vary hard for me for I was not vary healthy we had to take down the chimney in the house and put it up, we had corn to gather and potatoes to dig and stock to take care of and many things to do such as preparing for winter which was on hand and I thought he must get well and help me he sent for the Doctor but he did not come being away and he was such a favorite that he would not take any medicine that the Doctor did not recommend, and it was thought best to make him some bitters and make him think the doctor sent it to him so I took a quart of whiskey and put in a teaspoon full of quinine and some aloes and wrote the directions on a piece of paper and put it round the neck of the bottle as follows, take a tablespoonfull three times a day before eating when all was ready I went to the door and knocked and Mary Ann said walk in so I opened the door and changed my voice and said here is some bitters for Uncle Phin and again shut the door and directly carried it to him for he was in another room he took off the directions and read it and began rite off to take it and pronounced it good, he soon began to mend and in 2 or 3 days he could sit up and walk out and in a short time began to help me he got smart rite off and we got through with our business in good time.

While we were taking down the chimney one morning early our neighbor across the street (E. Judson) came runing over and holered as he came there is a bear among the pigs, and soon all hands were out on the chore George Mury run and called his dog Beve David Hamburg took a club father took the long carveing knife and mother the broom but she did not go any farther than the gate, finding no lives ware lost she returned but with the rest the chore continued and soon his black magesty was arroused by the yelping of old Beve and he treed on the fence but finding too many on his track he took to his heels for the woods and being obliged to pass through neighbor Woodruffs yard he was assailed by a fresh recruit of men and dogs, he attempted to run up one corner of the barn but was hauled back by the dogs and after running over dogs and men some with ox whips some with corn stocks and all sorts of weapons he chose his way to the nearest tree which he succeeded in climbing in spite of all his enemies by this time the alarm had become general and they came runing in all directions but ownly two guns in the whole neighborhood that could shoot one was a rifle and the other a shot gun. as soon as the man with the rifle saw the bare while yet at a great distance was about to shoot but was ordered to hold on for fear he might miss the bear and hit a man so after cautious deliberation among the wisest of the men it was decided that Esqr Hooker should take the best of aim with his shot gun which he warrented to shoot ball first rate, all hands ware to encircle the tree so as to cut of his retreat in case he should not kill him all things being in proper order he fired and down he fell and all hands pitched in but finding him vanquished the Esqr. called a halt, then all hands were in for a share but they found him so poor that he was not fit to eat so his carcass was cut up and given to Woodruffs hogs, next thing was to divide the skin after counting all the shares they ammounted to 12 in number finely 11 sold out to Muray for 50 cts. each and he took the hide, having again restord peace in the neighborhood all again returned to their respective employment.

After the fall work was done we hired a man by the name of Johnson and he and I chopt 20 acres for logging in the spring he had a beautiful race horse he was a good hand to chop We cut all the fallen trees in 2 months the 1st day of January 1840 I was married by this time all had agreed to the match and all went to the wedding and had a good time. Our fathers and mothers were both present they stayed till 2 o'clock in the morning and ate and drank and made themselves quite merry. When they retired they wished us all the happiness we desireu but Darius and his lady who he intended at that time to marry, because Ann Eliza did not invite her until the day before the wedding they thought she did not use them well, so after we was married and the dainties ware passed round they left and went through the back way and as they passed they being by themselves they filled their pockits and handkerchiefs full and packed it off without asking any odds so that when we came to hand round the 2nd time we had but little or none to hand round they must have taken at least 1/2 or 3/4 of a bushel of the best of loves of pound cake and pies and other things which was prepared for a 2nd passing but it all passed off and I suppose they thought we never misst it for nothing was said about it.

The next morning our father came into our room to bid us good morning and brought us some hot tody to drink much satisfied with his new sons that night we had an infair at my fathers all things passt of tolerable well

About a week or 10 days after our wedding a meeting commenced at Gull Corners under the direction of the Methodist and Congregationalists which lasted 6 weeks night and day and in rememberanee of my covenant to serve the Lord if I could find the right way, I attended vary steady hopeing to get religion, after a while they invited me to go forward to the anxious seat to be prayed for telling me that this was the way to be converted. I determined not to neglect anything on my part, so I went and they prayed for me as hard as they could, and after they got through they asked me with the rest if I did not feel my soul converted, I told them I felt about as common, then they told me if I would continue to come to the anxious seat every night that at length I should be converted. After I had been forward several times and finding that I felt no change they began to loose all hopes of me. But finely as a last resort they told me if I would take up my cross and pray that the victory would be gaind. This to be sure was rather hard before so many people but being in the habit of praying from my childhood I had no trouble, I truly felt the spirit of the Lord resting upon me as I ended and arose but being questioned as to my feelings about arriseing on my feet to bear testomony, I answerd that I felt vary well but did not know that I had anything to testify to. Then they told -me that if I would join the church that no doubt I should be a Christian. I told them I could not tell which one to join thare was so many. But they said that made no differance as all ware on the way to heaven ownly their was a little differanc* the disepline but I could take my chois I told them that if I could find a church that could heal the sick as they did in old times that would be the one for me; Oh: they that would be miracles they are done >-away with the death of the ancient apostles they were ownly given to establish the church since that time they ware not kneeded. This rather discouraged me for I had read in the Bible that the Lord changed not that his coarse was one eternal round and could hardly give up that what they said was true After much reasoning and counciling I made up my mind to join the Methodist partly because my wife belonged to them in the east and partly because they took common men and made preachers of them and then I thought they ware as near right as any so about the 12th day of May at a 3 days meeting held at Gull Mill I presented myself for membership with my wife and was received on 6 months probation. I continued to inves-tigate the different creeds and read many discusions with uni-versalists and others and in conversation with my methodist brethren I spoke at all times as I felt sometimes they found fault with me because I wanted a more liberal salvation for the family of man. I could not believe the Lord had made a part to be saved and a great part to be damned to all eternity, for this would come in contact with the saying that nothing was made in vain At length I grew more firm in the faith and as they perceived it they sent one of their most prominent men to labor with me. We talked a long time and at last he gave me up for lost In this conversation he was many times put to his witts end to carry his point, and he gave it up and said he should report me to the church. I told him he might for as long as we could not agree I thought it was better for us to be apart; and they might take my name off as soon as they chose.

I now leave this portion of my life and take up the history of my wife She was born in the town of Saratoga Co. State of New York in the year 1823, 18th day of June her fathers name was Henry Rowland her mothers name was Phebe Baker. He was born the day of October 1790 in the town of Saratoga Co. State of New York, her mother was born the 6th day of April 1792 in the town of Saratoga County State of New York her grandfathers name was Khowlton Rowland he was born in the year 1771 the day of in the town of County of State of he died the day of in the year 1853 town of Stillwater Saratoga Co. State of New York, her Grandmothers name was Wright she was born the day of in the year 17 in the town of County of State of She died the day of in the year in the town of County of New York. Her Grandfathers name on her mothers side was Baker he was born the day of in the year 17 in the town of County of State of

This is all I can tell of them never haveing been acquainted Ann Eliza had ownly a midling education her father was a mechanic and his circumstances in financial affairs was rather limited he generaly had all he could do to bring all ends together at the end of the year, but he taught his children to do right and taught them habits of industry and econimy He imegrated to Michigan in the year 1835 and sent back to the State of New York for his family consisting of two sons and 4 daughters in 1837 they arrived at Kalamazoo 17th day of October I soon after became acquainted her fathers family consister of mother Lorenzo Ann Eliza Ann Mariah Susan A. , Charlotte M. , one brother stayed behind his name was Erwin a worker in brass Lorenzo W, was born the 17th day of July 1817 in the town of Saratoga County Ann Mariah was a twin with Ann Eliza Aurealia was born the 29th day of Nov. 1826 Eliz C was born in day of 182 and died the day of 182 Charlotte was born in Waterford Saratoga the 21st day of April 1829

I now return to my own history, from the time I left the methodist I determined to have no more to do with the differant sects of religion but I resolved to do the best I could and I thought if there was any heaven I should be as apt to find it as any of them for I thought as long as I had the strongest arguments that I was safe but when I found any that could introduce a better creed than mine I was bound to embrace it. from this I became settled in my feelings awaiting anxiously for some one that could tell me the true way which I did not find for some years after which will be written in its time,

I must now speak of my temperal matters as I pass along during this time of religious excitement I lived with my father on Gull prairie he became somewhat displeased with me and wished me to go for myself accordingly I went to work with a man by the name of Henry Wells at carpenter work I continued with him about two months this was in the month of April and May in the month of June my father in law wanted me to come and live with him as his wife had been taken deranged he had opened a new farm and he wanted me to help him so I went with Ann Eliza I continued with him till October when my father wanted me to go home with him and help him gather his crops and help him build another house I had always considered myself subject to him and never thought myself to old to listen to his council so I complied with his request and went I lived with him through the winter during the time I worked on the house which was afterwards rented to a shoemaker by the name of Orr he was an old English Soldier he fought at the battle of Waterloo the 7th day of Jany. 1841 our oldest or first child was born her name was Charlotte Aurealia after her two aunts.  In the month of April I again went to work for Wells on a barn for Zephemah Barns in Barry County We next went to thorn Apple and built a barn for George Bradley and also one for Win Thorn and put on a roof for Philip Leonard he afterward became my brother in law while we ware at work for him he told me he wanted a wife and I told him I had a sister that wanted a husband and if he was a good man he might have her and if he would come to Gull Prarie I would make him acquainted with her accordingly the next Sunday he mad his appearance at fathers on Gull Prarie they ware introduced and a bargin was made and they was married in 2-1/2 weeks she moved with him to Thornaple this hapned in the month of August she wanted me to move thare with her after geting the consent of father I concluded to go so in the month of September I went with Ann Eliza and Charlott I built a small house on his land after I got it done I came back to Gull Prarie and worked for Deacon Woodruff and bought a stove and went back and staid through the winter, and in the spring of 1842 I moved back to Rowlands Mills and worked for Edward K Rowland a half brother of my father in law for which he paid me $1:50 pr day. I sold the house which I built to Leonard and hired one of E K (Rowland) for $20 a year we lived thar one year In the month of October 5th day in 1843 we had a son born we called him Daniel Webster he was a sickly child his navel got to bleeding and caused him to have fitts or spasms, which continued two days until we got Doctor Upjohn he gave him something that stopt his fitts but he was always sick after, he lived 23 months and eight days.

We had a few chickens which I had bought of the neighbors I put them into the stable which was standing on the lot back of the house some tall oak trees stood around the house and garden, of a suden the chickens ware missing what had become of them I could not tell after hunting around for some time at length I found the bones of one HI the weeds I continued searching until I had found the most of them with the flesh pickt off from ineir bones. This was a mistory to me and what had done it was a mistory st'll greater, but I resolved to watch at night and by that means I discoverd the cause I found the owls had crept into the window which was opend they took them off the roost one by one and carried them into the trees and ate the flesh off and dropt ihe bones to the ground my gun was brought to bear on them which soon put an end to this intrusion.

I lived in that house about one year it was the year that the Prophet Miller prophesied the end of the world about the middle of October there was a vary singular appearance in the air it was a cloudy foggy day and the object such as trees lookd red as though the shadow of fire was in the air many thought the day of Judgement had surely come but soon it passd off and all was natural again. I did not believe Millerism consequently I was not afraid many went crazy and many died with fear or it caused their death.

We had many strange stories, one of which I remember it was said that a young child in Adrian at 3 days old said that the snow would fall to the depth of 8 feet and would melt and turn to oil and would catch with fire and burn the world up it was a hard winter and much snow fell and it was vary cold, About the middle of Jany their was another red day but it did not cause as much consternation as the first did for the time of the prediction had run out in the spring of 1843 in the month of May I moved to Marshall in Calhoun Co to work for Harvy Sherman but I did not work long for him for I found he would get drunk and would not do as he promised I hired a house of Charles Camron a scottsman I werked around from one place to another during the summer in July Ann Eliza was taken vary sick vomiting and purgeing she was in that condition about 3 days I could do nothing for her till one of our neighbors by the name of came in and gave her some spearmint tea which stopt it immediately and she got up in a few days. A man by the name of Lewis Whitney was also one of our neighbors his wife was taken with the same sickness they had no house to live in but lived in with a man by the name of John Potry Whitney was taken sick with a fever and his wife was taken sick also and they ware vary poor they ware both sick nigh to death we took her and took care of her till she got well which was about 3 weeks we ware nearly worn out being up night and day which we thought at that time was a deed of charity but our reward was of quite a different sort as will be seen before I get through with this story

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