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Section 18  1857 - Journal Conclusion

Feb'y 3rd our little twinn girl died of the bloody flux she has been sick about five days We have done everything in our power to save her but all our laber was in vain We cincerely mourn for her but she has gone from a cold unfriendly world and we believe has escaped many troubles. This morning I had a talk with bro Pace and we had an understanding about the brush and each became satisfied.

4th We burried our dear little Ann Eliza in the Payson burying ground May the good God help us to so live that we may receive our children at the reserection morn five have been laid in the tomb

5th had to rest as we had been up night and day the most of the time during her sickness

6th Bro Harris came here to see sister McCleve being sent by John Young to marry her but they did not agree for some cause. I told her that some other provisions must be made I had taken care of her and her children a long time and it was waring us out in such confusion and I felt I had dine my duty

6th I had heard that Br Grant had died and I had not seen him I then resolved to go to the city and meet with my quorum as a meeting was to be held and also to make things strait with bro Brigham I told him I had not stolen my neighbors property or committed adultry or anything of the kind all I had done was what I had before stated. I had not seen Br Grant but I should not make it my buisness to contradict anything that he might have said but I had no recollection of telling anything of the kind if he felt to forgive me as I had asked him before I should be thankful He said he would forgive me and gave me a writing to that effect: went to meeting with my quorum had a good time and returned home the llth Feb'y

12th Shingled some on the house and payed some dues of my family

13th finished the roof I was working on yesterday 13th I dreamed that bro Thirstin had given his daughter to annother man and I wrote him a letter giveing my consent that is if they ware so inclined stating that I in all probability should outlive all prejudices that had been affloat against me I was occupied about home prepareing for spring Choped wood at the school house and built a privy some rainy

16th received a waggon of bro Elmore prised at 58 dollars it being in payment for one that I let him have for which I was to receive hey and lumber which he failed in getting Br Case agreed to me for nine monthly at twelve dollars a month he has been faithful to his agreement thus far and has been industrious and faithful

17th this night Mary Ann Washburn stopt with us and she told me that Julia Thirstin had been married to Bates Nobbs which confirmed the truth of my dream

19 stocking a plow also 20th and chopt wood at the school house I dreamed that I had a fight with a snake and Ann Eliza took hold of its head and tail and held it till I cut it off at both ends I look for a letter from Harris to let. us know whether he is coming after Sister McCleave or not but none comes I told the Bishop some time ago that I was not able to keep her any longer he told me that he would provide her a home but he has done nothing about he seems tothink that it is no matter I told her today that I could not keep her any longer and she must go to the Bishop herself

21st This morning she went to the Bishop herself and asked for a home but he did nothing for her and Mosiah said he would keep her a few days until she could do better, I had provided for her over four months and my provisions ware mostly gone and I had no means to buy with but a small job here and thare and I could not depend upon it for so many She took her things away to Mosiah Hancocks but not until! she had made propositions to me but I told her I could not take am more wives at presant so she left in a rage and no thanks claiming that she had paid her way. The Bishop had failed to furnish me with imployment as he had agreed to do and I knew no other way but to get me a farm to rais my provisions. I rented five acres of corn ground of George Patten and agreed to give him one forth in the shock

23 and 24 I bad provided a plow and harrow and got tools ready for farming3 and it began to thaw around the house and 1 began to clean up. Thare was a deep holow on the east end of my lot and I carried all the rubish into it and finding that it made it look so much better to fill it up I concluded that I would dig a cellar and prepare to build me a good house and by so doing would get the hollow entirely full I consecrated it unto the Lord and asked him to bless me in the work and if it was his will, that I might build a comfortable house We laid it off 17 feet wide and 40 feet long We dug all we could for a foot of it lay in the shade of the house and the frost was not out we went to the stone quarry to hunt for rock but did not find a good chance and we went to the hill about half or three fourths of a mile and found a plenty I got up the ponies and the 3rd day of March went to drawing away the dirt we had dug out of the cellar We all went and ware catechised at the Bishops and ware all forgiven wharein we had done wrong.

Catharine has made a new resolution to do better We finished diging the cellar the 15th The Bishop came to me and wanted to know if I was willing to work for him on the store house. I told him If it was his council for me to do so I was willing but if not it had been my intention to go to farming for a liveing he said it was not I could do just as I pleased John Young came here and called a meeting and told the people that they had been hammered long enough and they had come to extend the hand of mercy and said that all hands must go and be baptised

16th the people assembled at the water for Baptism Mosiat came over to make it right about the coarse he took to get Mar-garette but justified himself and made the matter worse by accusing Amanda of lieing She has not yet got home from her fathers in Iron County

The people ware called upon to covenant to sustain all the authorities over them and never to speak against the order of celestial marriage and to keep the commandments of God. it was unanimous vote The Bishop and his council was baptised first and the presidents of 70s next of which I was one I then baptized Ann Eliza Catharine Harriet Augusta and about a dozen others We had confirmation meetin in the afternoon

17th today I went to the farm and took the claims to Dr Hurt and he signed them all, he promised me the use of a yoke of oxen to work,

18th went after them they are both off oxen and vary awkward to work took the ponies and hired one waggon and went to the kanion after poles

19th came home and brought some wood could not get poles as thare was no road made and the snow was deep and hard The wind is vary high and it has upset the privy I turned out the ponies as they ware not suitable for the kanion

20th took the oxen and went to another kanion got some poles to fence the lot whare we lived I did not use the oxen much but took them back soon after This was in the times of the reformation great excitement Men ware told that to sleep with their wives when inciente they are guilty of adultary or when misseing children either When uncle John come he told the people that if their wives wanted a cup of tea to give it to them or if they wanted a cup of coffee to give it to them and if they wanted anything else to give it to urn so this put an end to the trouble

End —oooOooo—-

Phineas Wolcott Cook was married and sealed to Johanna Christina Palson on September 13, 1878. Johanna Christina Palson was born August 8, 1845; she was a widow, had three daughters: Teckla, Hllma and Elvira; came from Malmo, Sweden. Phineas Wolcott Cook and Johanna Christina Palson had seven children.

The last few years of Phineas Wolcott Cook's life was spent in Afton,Wyoming with his fourth family. He was the father of twenty-eight (28) children, sixteen sons and twelve daughters. He was a fine farmer and stock raiser in a limited way. He was always known to be a very kind and humble man, always ready to impart to any one who needed help.

Phineas Wolcott Cook died 24 July 1900 and is buried in the City Cemetery at Afton, Wyoming.
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