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Section 17 August - December 1856  

August 4th I commenced putting some gearing together for a shingle machine for Bp Hancock but I have but little faith in its doing much business as the water wheel is too small I finished it and started it the 22nd but it had not power enough but it was just what I told him it would be so I threw off one belt and drum and gave it half the motion that it had at first and then it went vary well

23rd I received a horse from R W Glenn at $80. 00 on the mill debt at San Pete

August 31st I took a piece of ground of Benjamin F. Johnson on shares it is vary weedy but I think thare is seed enough scattered on the ground to do first rate. I am to give one third of the crop for the use of the ground and it is to be divided in the shief

Sept 1st Today we received a letter from Catharines parents they are on the road here from Ireland they have had all their cloathing stolen on the railroad I hired team of the Bishop and got in my wheat

Sept 10th I finished Hancocks store Alexander Mcray came along collecting claims as before spoken of and he wanted to make one for me and I told him that he might make such a one as he thought I was worthy of so he made one that amounted to 17000 dollars or thare about and asked me to get as many as I could to do likewise this however I had some hesitency in doing for I thought that to have anything to do with such things would be likely if ever paid to pass through my hands and more or less of it might lodge in them and by this means I might become lifted up and perhaps deny the faith and thought to reject the offer as I had no way to accomplish it without paying him three dollars for each I had not the means to spare and concluded to abandon it for the presant. I however concluded to go to the city on that and some other buisness, so I hired my passage with Samuel Adair I stopt at the Indian farm and took the job of building the house for 600 dollars I did not do anything at that time about the claims but returned home the 13th and made arrangements to go to the farm to fulfill my contract I took my 2nd wife Amanda and the tent and started. I hired from three to five hands at one dollar and a half a day and boarded them I had to push my laber as fast as possible for fear of cold weather as it was getting late in the season The agent let the job of laying the stone and adobies and the plastering
Oct 8th today Catharines mother and two sisters and two brothers came they are perfectly destitute of cloathing and provisions except those that they have on and thare is no way for them to be supported but by me The father having died on bear river

llth David Savage Amandas father came here on his way home from conferance

Sunday 12th he took all hands down to the farm to visit Amanda. Margrette McCleave Catharines sister wishes to stay with Amanda and her mother consented Catharine desired to stay in Amandas place and do the work for me and my men but I did not think that it was wisdom She had for sometime previous been refractory in her spirit and I warned her frequently of the danger of such a course but she did not heed my advice but become worse and worse through jealousy until she was taken sick and was vary troublesome to Ann Eliza in my absence. She kept her running to wait on her from morning till night and would be satisfied with nothing untill she was quite worn out with her laber her twins were quite unwell the most of the time and the addition of so much family made a thrlble task on her hands

14th Margarette has proposed to be sealed to me of her own free will and choise. This makes Catharine ten fold worse

20th had a snow storm took a heavy cold and had a chill went home and took an emetic

22nd felt better and went again to the farm to work Catharine is some better and think she will do better

30th she is quite unwell today

Nov 1st she had a false conseption and feels quite sick

3rd today she had three hysteric fits

Saturday 8th I came home and found her as troublesome as she knew how to be she had no simtims of sickness of any kind but was as ugly as she could be and she had worn them all nearly out takeing care of her. I told all of them to go to bed and rest as well as they could and I would take care of her that night, she kept me running to wait on her nearly all night at last seeming to be at a loss for something to ask me to do she took a notion that she must have her legs rubed which I did faithfuly but she would not be satisfied she declared she was numb and I must rub her as I had not and after repeating it time after time she declaring that she had no feeling in her legs and she must die if I did not rub her finealy being out of all patience and knowing that she was trying to deceive me as her pulse was perfectly regular and she was every way perfectly natural I went out and got a small willow about a foot long to test her sense of feelings and turning up the bed cloathes touched her legs vary lightly she immediately drew up her legs and screamed that I was shipping her She got worse and worse until the devil had perfect controal over her no one could do anything for her but Ann Eliza and she tried every way she could to kill her till she had to be tied hand and foot We tried the priesthood but she defied its power at last I told the Bishop that if she could be baptized 7 times I thought she would get better so he told me to go and do it, and I put her in a rocking chair and with the help of two or three elders carried her to the creek and when she saw the water she new that it was the water of baptism and she began to rejoice. We put her down carefuly into the water and I attempted to baptise her feeling confident that I should overcome but the first attempt I did not get her face under the water she still continued to rejoice and it seemed to me that my strength was nearly gone and on looking around I saw several persons standing on the bank whose sympathies ware in her favor But I told the man that was assisting me that we must immerse her as we had not yet done it so we succeeded the second time which caused the devil to rage and foam worse than ever. Finding by this time that a powerful influance was operating against me I was compeled to give it up She got worse and worse and put her foot in the fire and burned it badly and then swore that it was me She would throw everything in the fire shecould get her hands on. Finding that I could do nothing with her and as my buisness was crowding it was agreed that I should go to my work and leave her in care of Ann Eliza and her mother. I started Monday 10th determined still to overcome and took to prayer and fasting. This I kept up till Friday night and I heard a loud thumping under the floor whare I was at work and as thare was no entrance thare I knew well that I had gained a victory over the evil spirits that was possessing her and they had taken that method to revenge themselves but the spirit of God was with me and I felt strong. Saturday 15th got home and found my testamony had been true as she got over her madness Friday evening and had been out to the neighbors on a visit. She seemed however to be still disobedient to me and her feelings of oposition ware the same as it had been some time before She was vary cross at times and ugly to Ann Eliza and her mother and made several attempts to injure them but was as often prevented except once she clenched Ann Eliza by the wrist leaving the marks of her nails She circulated the story that I had whipt her nearly to death and stated that thare was welts or scars on her legs as big as her finger She continued to barber this lieing spirit ever after but not always quite so bad.

20th I finished my job and moved home

21st I told Ann Eliza to get ready to go with me to the city as I had engaged our passage with bro Adair who was going But the bishop on hearing of it told him not to take any passengers as he wanted him to take tithing wheat it was my intention to by some things for the family but she could not go and I started off on foot

24th Snow about 6 inches deep I had bought 6 cords of wood for which I had paid 4 dollars a cord for in money. I found I had cleared on my own laber on the house at the farm about five hundred dollars in a little over two months. I found while at the city that I could collect Indian claims together and Curtis E Bolton agreed to make out the papers (as he was deputy clerk of the district court of United States) and take his pay after they ware collected at 2-1/2 per cent and if not paid he was to have nothing and having obtained the consent of Alexander Moray I got some forms printed and started home whare I arrived 30th I had some choars to do up and got ready to start out south I had bought about one hundred and thirty dollars worth of goods at the city for my family and hired Geo Hancock to bring them home for me. I killed two oxen for meat for I did not know how long I should be gone and a big family had to be fed at home I paid half of one to Levi Hancock for my house (about the 1st of September I sold the house that I had of Glenn to Elias Gardner he was to deliver me three thousand feet of lumber within one week which I intended should finish off my house but he failed to fulfill his agreement and refused to do anything about it till I complained of him before the 70s he then said he had done wrong and asked pardon and then paid me one thousand feet and gave me a note of 75 dollars against Ephraim Hanks this settlement was made about the first of December)

I started for Iron County in company with David Savage It was extremely cold weather and I froze my left big to

6th of December we camped about 4 miles south of the Severe in company with the members of the legislature on their way to Fillmore it was too cold to go to bed and to keep from freezeing we sat up and kept fire all night. Amanda was in company going to her fathers on a visit I took claims along the way and paid all expences of myself and Bro Savage and when I got to Iron County I found claiments plenty they paid me generally two bushels of wheat each and I let Bro Savage have the most of it and he was to pay me as soon as he could I left Cedar City homeward about the 26th day of December 1856 I had let him have wheat so that when settlement he owed me 180 dollars I was on foot haveing to walk 18 miles to Parowan and it was late about half way on the journy thare came on a violent storm of snow and I could hardly find the road it being dark I was vary tired, about this time I was overtaken by the mail from Calaf-ornia I asked them (as thare was two men) to let me ride but they declined doing so but shipt up thair horses but I caught hold of one of the straps behind and hung on for three or four miles but I became so tired that I was obliged to let go. It continued to snow vary fast and I came near finishing before I could get through but I could keep the track after the stage vary well. I got in about two hours after the mail and put up at the same place Doct Meeks. I thare made claims and paid a debt for him (Savage) of 45 dollars in wheat at two dollars a bushel, and all the wheat that he had of me this included was ownly counted to me at one dollar and half and he had no trouble to collect it He came to Parowan while I was yet thare and let me have two ponies that he said was left in his care to sell by a man by the name of William Bringherst who was in Calafor-nia and as he was going directly thare he would see him and get them of him I could take them home with me and trade them for oxen or cows just as I chose I told him that If he had not already bought them that if the man should learn that he had disposed of them it might be harder for him to get them, but I would take them home with me and use them and he could write to me as soon as he got thare and let me know. I also sent him an order at the Sanbarnadino Tithing office obtained of Bsp Lewis of Parowpn for wheat delivered to him I found the same Cuthbert that I had bought a cow of while I was liveing in Salt Lake City the circumstances I will here state I went out one day to buy a cow as we had none I came along to his house and asked him if he knew who had one to sell he said he had a first rate one that he would sell cheap for cash I asked him how much milk she was giveing he said she was giveing from 6 to 8 quarts at a time and gave her a good recommend I then asked him his price he said he would take forty dollars for her and not any less. This I thought was a big price but as good cows ware scarce I did not think I could do any better so I paid him the money and took her home but she was totaly dried up. The next time I saw him I told him that the cow had not filled the recommend he had given her. But he perfectly denied all that I told him that he said about her and said he could prove it by his wife and brother in law, I told him I supposed then that he could prove anything then that he chose and let the matter drop not having any chance to get any redress.

He had been out to Las Vegas at work at his trade black-smithing and was on his way home to G. S. L. City he wanted someone to put a span of horses on his waggon and help him through he found a man that would go as far as Salt Creek for 40 dollars he came to me and told me of it I told him that I could put my ponies on and go with him and he would save something. So he concluded to do it and I bought a harness for 15 dollars and we started the snow was about a foot deep the most of the way and over two mountains it was from two to three feet deep and a crust on the top not quite sufficient to bear the horses or waggon and in many places we ware obliged to break the crust with our feet and it was attended with much fatigue but on the 6th day at about 9 o'clock in the evening we arrived at Nephi or Salt Creek horses nearly used up I charged him twenty dollars I found my own feed and provisions he was angry at first and refused to pay me but after some talk he concluded to do it. So I took my ponies and started for home which was 24 miles whare I arrived the 8th day of Jany 1857 I found all well and glad to see me as far as my own family ware concerned Catharine had behaved vary shamefuly to Ann Eliza and her mother. Mosiah Hancock the man that I had so much pity for in the summer before and took him in to keep from starving had been secretly making love to Margarette when he knew at the same time that she had promised herself to me I asked him if he intended to marry her he said yes if I did not I told him that I did not want her since from appearances he had made her unsteady but I thought that was one way to repay me for kindness shown to him I related the circumstances to Bsp Hancock who was his cousin he immediately sent for Mosiah and told him that he was ready to marry him if he wished, he came back and invited Margarette out doors and they went to the Bishops and was married and came back but said nothing but in a few minutes a man came along and told me of it. I then told him that I had kept him and his wife as long as I could now he must leave which he did by going in along with the bishop

llth John Young came to our house and two of his wives one was Catharine's sister they talked to her and she promised to reform He said I had done enough for Sister McCleave and her family and he would send someone after her forthwith, A man by the name of Nathaniel Case came and wanted to board with me for he said he had no place to go. he had been much in the habit of telling big stories that had no truth in and I told him of it and told him that I did not harber such men about me. he said that he had been in such a habit but he was determined to reform and do better and I finely told him that in case he would do so no more he might come and try it.

12th Catharine asked our forgiveness for lieing about us to the neighbors. I told her she must go to the neighbors and make her confession and she concluded to do it which when she had done she was forgiven and she promised to do better.

13th I went to Salt Creek to mill and took Ann Eliza with me to visit Sister Bradley I made out a few claims and returned the 14th.

15th Paid some flour debts and started for the city with my claims. It was vary cold and stormy the snow fell two and half feet deep in City. I came near getting lost in the storm at the point of the mountain between Utah and Salt Lake valies While I was In the city I got some more blanks printed but never made use of more than 10 or 12 of them as it was getting too late to present them to the agent as no claims are allowable by the United States after three years so I arived home again the 24th While in the city I got a certificate of membership from my quorum or recomend signed by Jesse P Harmon President of the llth quorum

Sunday 25th I attended mass quorum meeting at Payson I presented my reccommend and was united to the mass quorum by unanimous vote While in the city I payed Brigham all I owed him to 45. 65 forty five dollars and sixty five cents I then asked the clerk Hiram Clawson to take the note I field against Epraim Hanks of 75 dollars to balance the account and credit the rest on my tithing as that was behind $187: one hundred and eighty seven dollars and some cents but he refused to take it and on con-fering with Brigham he ordered him to give me credit for the amount and square the books. I thanked him for the presant. I then paid on my tithing till I reduced the old account to one hundred and three dollars I sought an opertunity to see Brigham but did not get the privlage until I went into his house I met him accidentaly in the big haul after complamentary remarks I told him I had spoken against him telling him what I had said and I was sorry I had done so and wished him to forgive me he said he would not do it til1 I had seen Br Grant and made things right with him I told him I had an impression that he had something against me and intended to have seen him but he was now sick and I could not have the privelage but as soon as he got better I would come down and see him and whatever I had done wrong I would try to make it right. I told him I did not know what it could be and if he knew I would like to have him tell me He said that I had told Grant that I had worked for him Brigham a long time for nothing and boarded myself I said I had no reccolection of such a thing but it was vary true that myself and bro Grant had been great friends and he had told me many things in confidence and I had done the same by him but I would see him as soon as I could have the privelage He then asked me why I left the public work. I answered because you told me to! he said did I tell you to I said you did He said then according to your story I have done wrong but I am not going to confess I said I do not want you to confess but I want your forgiveness for what I have said that was wrong he said well you see bro Grant We then parted I saw Bp Hunter and he said I should be blessed more than I ever antisipated for I had been faithful in paying my debts and espesialy my tithing and said many comforting words to me. This was vary thankfuly received by me. My time was ocupied for several days in trying to regulate the afairs of my family and settling my affairs with the Bishop and the Indian agent and others I found my tithing for the year ending Dec 31st 1856 had amounted to one hundred and eighty eight dollars showing that I had made eighteen hundred and eighty eight dollars thus proveing true the words that were spoken by Dimic B Huntington saying that within fourteen months I should be prospered more than anytime before I was to pay fifty six dollars of the debt at the general tithing office to Bp Hancock. I had paid my presant years tithing to Bp Hancock in work and was ownly behind yet the 103 dollars of original, 56 dollars to be paid at this office Payson Catharine has forgotten her pro-mice to do better I have given her good council and in fact every one else that she has been connected with Ann Eliza has born almost everything from her. She seems bent to do evil continualy. We are now in a refermation for which thare seems to be much need The people are called on through the mision-aries to repent of all their sins and confess their faults pay up their tithing and be baptised for the last time for the remision of their sins and those that have not committed the unpardonable sin shall be forgiven but it is said that it is the last time that baptism can atone for sin, if we sin again a sacrafice will have to be made according to the magnatude of the sin

29th This morning I saw Br Jacob Hutchinson and McBrlde they told me that they ware sent out as missionaries to settle anything that anyone might have against the first presidency and as 1 had something against him I was required to make things right I told them I had nothing against anyone but as far as I could whare I had done wrong I had taken measures to make it right and neither they or me could do any more., time would probably set all things right


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