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Section 13 1854-1855

The 3rd day of October I moved my family into his house and she moved out the 5th I was then ready to go to work again on the Water Works and went and talked to Brigham about it he informed me that he had set another man at that, he had another mision for me I asked him if he thought I was going to apostatise he said no, but he could imploy me to a better advantage he wanted me to work on his house as one of his foreman I then set in on his beehive house and kitchen on the hill I asked him how much he would ask of me for the house he said it cost him a thousand dollars I asked him if he considered it worth that now he said no. I told him I should leave it to him I was not afraid but what he would do right In the spring of 1854 I was called by him to superintend the building of his big house he gave me some directions and told me to go ahead and make the drawings and carry out the work I had no Joiners guide or instruments or drawing paper and I hardly knew what coarse to take finely I went to the Architects office to Truman C. Angel and asked him some council but I did not get any but found that he would perhaps like to do the drawing himself So I went and asked Brigham to let him do it and told him I would take his plans and carry them out. he said Truman had too much to do and he did not wish him to do it unless he wished to but he said he would see him about it. So the next thing I heard was that he was to do it I commenced the work with two men to help me 1 went into the carpenters shop according to directions from Brigham I soon found that thare was a feeling of jealousy creeping in for Miles Romney the foreman of the shop came in. he had been having some whiskey and he came up to me and said who sent you here to be a boss I told him I was not his boss nor it was not my duty to interfere with his business, he said you need not say that for it was a plan laid to work him out of the shop. I assured him it was not the case but he did not seem inclined to believe it. he said if I would bring on the liquor and treat he then might think I was telling the truth this was not the first time I had felt his spirit. I kept on as I had been directed and made the most of, the window frames, In the time the masons came on to lay the foundation I had them to instruct in all the cross walls and openings and timbers to prepare I tried to get more help but could not thare was from 8 to 10 masons to superintend and I also had the superintendance of the city building (the tithing office). And it all put together made my hours rather more than full. I tried again and again to hire more carpenters but to no purpose and in the framing of some of the joist for the tithing office I made some mistakes being called off from them to attend to the masons time after time leaving the carpenters there while absent work would be done wrong which created an influence against me among some of the foremen who chanced to hear of it. Still I kept on doing the best I could, the season of watering came on and this still increased my labers I had much business to do in that time many difficulties to settle with the people I appointed assistant water masters in all the wards in the city and in the five acre lots doing the business night after the bell and in the morning before In this way I passt the season I got up the stone work or bacement story with window and door frames in, and finished off the tithing office, During the winter I worked in the Carpenters Shop the most of the time under the directions of Miles Romney In the month of Febuary 1855 I commenced again on the house making window frames and door frames determined I would take the advantage of times so that I should not be so much crowded as I had been the season before As soon as the masons came on the adobe work began I was tolerable well prepared for them.

About this time I had a talk with Truman O Angel he found some fault with me he said he had ownly shoved me in as foreman to give Brother Brigham a chance to measure me but I had it in my mind to tell him that it was me that shoved him in ahead, but did not. I took it all paciently and went on as well as I could. About this time also Miles Romney discharged one of my hands he came directly to me and told me of it I told him that he was the foreman of the shop and if he did not want to quit he must go to Brigham and if he was a mind to let him at work again he might but I could not do it. Accordingly he started off to see him he soon returned and told me that Brigham had sent for me to come over he wanted to see me When I came to the office he asked me if I had no work for Bro Parker as that was his name I answered I had a plenty to do but Miles had discharged him he asked what business he had discharging my hands I answered he claimed to be foreman and had the privelage of discharging any man in the shop. He said he did not understand it so I then told him I thought I could tell him what would make all things right He asked me what it was. I told him if he would put Miles Romney in foreman over me he would probably feel better He asked me if I would not have feelings if he should do that. I told him I should not but if he had it I could get help anytime as I needed but as it had gone the work moved slow he then said he would come over in a few days and see to it Accordingly in 2 or 3 days he came over and told Miles Romney that he wanted him to take the charge of his house. Miles soon came to me and asked me what I had been telling Brigham about him I said nothing that I know of he said he thought I had for he had told him to take care of his building Oh yes sals I that is what I wished him to do so that I could be relieved from so much re-sponcibility I had the care of the water of the city and that was as much as I could attend to but I told him I am willing to go on and work under your direction and do the best I can Well sals he I want you to go ahead with it and boss the job and if you want any help just call on me and I will furnish you as many hands as you want. This house was to be called his big house 45 feet wide and one hundred and 10 feet long, the basement story was now up and the timbers had been put on last fall this spring we commence laying adobies of which the rest of the walls of the house is to be made. I continued on with the work and brother Parker was set at work at other work as he was rather indifferant and a good hand was supplied in his place and I still had the same responcibility as before ownly the name and honor (if thare was any) was given to another. Thus all things moved on smoothly and the work moved on as fast as material could be obtained meanwhile I had my troubles with the water as by this time the season of irrigation had arrived.

I must go back one year and relate some incidents which happened which afterwards seemed to me to be of great importance. Many things hapened which seemd to annoy the feelings of the Mayor Jedediah M Grant for complaints ware made to him as well as myself of nuicances on the stream which at that time passed down by his house. Among the most important was the filth caused by squire Wells. Women folks doing their dirty washing on the bank of the creek and pouring the water back into the creek The Mayor ordered me to go to him and tell him of it and request him to put a stop to it which I had to do some two or three times. Another thing was Ezra T. Bens on had put an old bedstead into the creek for the purpose of routing its inhab-itance which was just in sight of the Mayors house which was a great annoyance he ordered me with great vahemance to go immediately and cause it to be removed at his expence as a nuisance. Accordingly I went to Br. Benson and whispered in his ear telling him that it was considered a nuisance and asked him to have it taken out which he did And still farther down the stream lived a man by the name of Hawkins he kept a tavern and company that the mayor did not altogether fancey and they made a privy of the stream he (the mayor) being informed of it ordered me to go and tell him that if he did not clean up around that I should come with a posse of men and burn him out and leave him neither house or hovel which order I promptly obeyed and on reviewing the premises in the afternoon as that was the time the burning was to take place 1 found all things neatly attended to and made clean.

Thare ware many things of this kind but I shall ownly mention one more as considering it the ownly one of much importance, in 1855 President Brigham Young had a hog pen at the side of the road I was told and a stream of water runing through it and forming a small pond in the middle of the road in a low place and the water as it stood in this pond turned to a greenish coulor and run from it into the creek, I told the complainant he must go with his complaint to the mayor and any orders that he gave I considered it my duty to attend to the name of the man was Stringham he kept a butcher shop and sold meat in a few days I was directed by the Mayor to take the City laws and go to the President and read the law pertaining to filth on the streams and to tell him of this water pond and hogpen directing me to the clerks office for a coppy of the laws. I started for the office and found the laws as directed and proceeded to the house of the President and found him in what was called the room she was dressing his hair After a few passing remarks I told him my business was to read a short clause in the acts of the city council pertaining to our sluices and water coa-rses which after I had done he asked me if he had anything around his premises of that nature. I answered that I had been so informed and after describing it he said if he could drink his own filth he did not think others should complain. I then left him and went back to the Mayor and things went on in the same way for a few days

About this time I went into President Youngs garden to teach his gardner how to use the water for I perceived he was not acquainted with the best way but I found it of but little use for he seemed stereotyped. I again heard from the water and hogpen and had the job of going again and found him at this time in his office and in a low tone said they tell me that the water runs through your hogpen and into the creek. He spoke to Bro Orson Hyde asking him to go out and see how it went He had fixed the water to pass from his own hogpen over the stream in a spout and the people would find fault, by this time we came to the spot and found it as I had stated and we both looked around and saw Br. Hyde was laughing vary harty and said Br. Brigham if you will build a fence so that the people cannot see them hogs it will be all right but as long as they can see they are bound to complain, he then calld to a man by the name of Tune who was working for him and ordered him to turn off that water Someone had removed the spout who I supposed to be his gardner which had formerly carried the water over into his garden This thing seemed to hurt his feelings for he ever after treated me with coolness and sometimes refered to it as reaching beyond the limits of any duty but I done as I was ordered by the Mayor but I did not tell him or anyone that he had told me to do it but I have sometimes thought that I aught to have done it,

This year 1854 the 23rd day of Jan'y I had a son born which called Vulcum because this name was given his mother in a dream before he was born he lived untill the 28 day of October of the same year and died of Colara infantum

Dec 1853 the 18th I took two wives the Name of the oldest was Polly Amanda Savage the daughter of the first Mormon Elder I ever heard preech she was 17 years old the 23 of August before. The name of the other was Catharine Me Cleave an Irish girl she was 17 the 17th of Sept Amanda as we always called her was somewhat unsteady in her spirit and was som-times sorrowful for what she had done and finely became alie-anted in her affections and left me and went home to her fathers and in the coarse of 2 or three weeks I went to see her and talked to her and counciled her to come home again but she determined not to do After visiting her 2 or 3 times finding her mind the same I told her she was at liberty to take her own coarse  I should not trouble myself any more about her and left her to do as she thought best She left me the 27th of June and came back to me the 23rd of August on her 18th birthday She appeared to have suffered much for she was looking vary peeckt but she said she had done vary wrong and was sorry and if I could forgive her she would do so no more I freely forgave her and do not wish to think of it more but I write it as one event in my life of some importance

This I call an eventful year of my life and I may say it was the beginning of all my sorrows before I took those two wives notwithstanding I was converted to the doctrine of plurality thare was something lacking on my part as to testamony I felt it an important step and thought I would ask the Lord to enlighten my mind which I did and was fuly satisfied ever after The answer I received I do not write for it has not been taught yet to the saints through the authorities

I also had a dream about the reserectlon about the same time which I will here relate the most of. I thought I was walking on the bench above the city and I met a man looking vary gastly pale but he said nothing but went on to the west I soon met others and thare came my first wife leading her three little children that had previously died When I saw them I knew them and exclaimed in great joy this is the reserection and I am not dead yet by this time they came in all directions cripples and all sorts and I looked around and saw a man standing by to whom I said I thought when they came up in the reserection they ware all perfect No! no 1 sals he we take them up just as you lay them down but we shall take them over here and feed them some of the tree of life and that will restore their bodies to a state of perfection. I saw more but I cannot write it for it has not yet been taught

These things have been of great comfort to me they ware given me in answer to prayer and a great deal more and I here say to all who may chance to read this be faithful to Ood and your covenants and he will not hide from you the rich treasures of heaven Ask and you shall receive Seek and you shall find Knock and it shall be opened unto you


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