Henry Cooke

BIRTH		Born about 1615, probably Yorkshire, England
MARRIAGE	Judith Birdsall, daughter of Henry Birdsall of Salem
		29 Jun 1639, Salem, Essex, Massachusetts
1.  Isaac b. 3 Apr. 1640, Salem, Mass.
2.  Samuel b. 30 Sept. 1641, Salem, Mass.
3.  Judith b. 15 Sept 1643, Salem, Mass.
4.  Rachel b. 25 Sept 1645, Salem, Mass.
5.  John b. 6 Jun 1647, Salem, Mass.
6.  Mary (twin) b. 15 Sept 1650, Salem, Mass.
7.  Martha (twin) b. 15 Sept 1650, Salem, Mass.
8.  Henry b. 30 Dec. 1652, Salem, Mass.
9.  Elizabeth b. Sept 1654, Salem, Mass.
10. Hana b. 9 Sept 1658, Salem, Mass.
DEATH	25 Dec. 1661, Salem, Essex, Mass.

The first record of Henry Cooke in America was in Salem Town Records when "Henry Cooke desireth to be an inhabitant with this Town." He was admitted as a proprietor and awarded six acres on December 26, 1638, the first of several grants. His house was near the site of the old fort, later the first church in Salem, now the center of downtown Salem.

On June 29, 1639 he married Judith Birdsall, born 2 Jun 1611 in St. Stephen, Norwich, Norfolk, England. Their ten children were born in Salem. Henry was known as the town butcher but did other things as well. On March 30, 1640 it was "ordered that Henry Cooke and Edward Ingram shall keep the swine of the Town. And it is agreed that they shall have 6 shillings a piece for the keeping."

Henry died at the age of about 45 in Salem. An exact death date or burial place cannot be found. His inventory was taken January 14, 1662, leaving his estate to Judith and Isaac his oldest son. When the younger children came of age, they were to receive L10 each. Except for Isaac who stayed in Salem, his sons moved, and his posterity spread to colonies in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Two sons, Henry Jr. and Samuel were among the first settlers to New Haven Colony in Connecticut. John married and had his children in Salem, but later moved his family and died in Bristol, Massachusetts.