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Samuel Bryson's Journey: Ireland to Woodruff 15.00
P. W. Cook Diary 4.00
DVD (42 minutes) on the Life of P. W. Cook 8.00
Family Fireside Stories - Book I 9.00
Family Fireside Stories- Book II 9.00
Family Fireside Stories- Book III 9.00
Descending Pedigree CD 10.00
Triumph of Testimony 37.50
Amanda P. Savage Descending Pedigree Book 10.00
Amanda P. Savage Descending Pedigree CD 5.00
Cook Family Archive on CD 10.00

Cook Ancestral Tour Guides

Goshen & Litchfield Co., Connecticut: 4.00
Wallingford, Connecticut: 4.00
Salem, Massachusetts: 4.00
State of New York: 4.00
State of Utah: 4.00

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